Share your photos

Throughout the years, we all have had our share of special moments and noteworthy scenes from our fieldwork. On behalf of SERE2024 we would like to offer you an opportunity to share some of them with the conference participants.

We invite you to share your restoration activities through photos. You can choose to illustrate different phases of restoration: restoration works, management of restored area, monitoring, post-restoration ecosystem, etc. The pictures will be shown throughout the conference on two screens in the venue’s lobby.

To avoid technical mishaps, photos must follow the given parameters:

  • JPEG format,
  • landscape orientation,
  • with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and 72 dpi,
  • a textbox introducing the restoration should have font size 26 pt and font Calibri directly on the photo (you can choose the position of the textbox).


Please share your photos with us by August 15, 2024 by uploading them on Dropbox here.

More information:
Kristiina Jürisoo,
Oliver Kalda,

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