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The Estonian Seminatural Community Conservation Association is funded with 25,226.60 EUR by Enterprise Estonia (EAS) from the European Union European Regional Development Fund to organise international conference SERE 2024.

The conference will gather over 400 participants and feature plenary lectures, workshops and submitted abstract presentations to cover recent trends in ecological conservation. Its main goal is to provide attendees with a high-level and multifaceted programme from top specialists in the field. The conference will provide a platform for networking for researchers, academics and policymakers.

The purpose of the project is to hold a conference on par with the quality of previous conferences where the participants will receive collegial support, tools, and educational input in the field of ecological conservation. As many participants will be in Estonia for the first time, the social program contains excursions and field trips in Estonia as well as Tartu. As a result, awareness of Estonia as a tourism and conference destination will increase.

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Organising this event has been supported with grant no. PRG874 by the Estonian Research Council.


LIFE project WoodMeadowLife (LIFE20 NAT/EE/000074)
Help with organising and supporting excursions and workshops.

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LiFE IP ForEst&FarmLand (LIFE18IPE/EE/000007)
Help with organising and supporting excursions and workshops.

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RMK (Estonian State Forest Management Centre)
Help with organising and supporting excursions

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Life IP CleanEst (LIFE17 IPE/EE/000007)
Help with organising and supporting excursions.


Flying Squirrel LIFE (LIFE17 NAT/FI/000469)
Help with organising and supporting excursions

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GrassLIFE 2 (LIFE21-NAT-LV-GrassLIFE2/101073829)
Help with organising and supporting excursions

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