Estonian National Museum

Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu, Estonia

Estonian National Museum’s new building was opened in autumn 2016. The museum houses traditions, new aims, and engaging dreams. The new museum has been developed into a pleasant, interesting, attractive, and gripping place for all ages.

It is located 2.6 km from the City Centre. Different transportation options are described below.

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If you would like to get from the city centre to the venue (ERM, Estonian National Museum), choose bus number 7 which leaves on the side of Tasku shopping mall from the bus stop "Soola". The approximate trip time will be 10 minutes, you have to get off at the "ERM" bus stop. Then you have to walk across the street and there is already our national museum.

For more information about the public transportation system in Tartu, please click here. You can use the Tartu Bus Schedule smartphone application (available for Andriod and IOS). Tartu public transport is running on an environmentally friendly source of fuel.

1h ticket costs 2 EUR and can be bought from the bus driver when you enter from the front door.

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In Tartu, we have Smart Bikes. Tartu Smart Bike Share is a public, self-service bike share system for short trips. It is an environmentally friendly way to experience all that Tartu has to offer. Two-thirds of the fleet is equipped with electric-assist motors that provide riders with an extra boost when pedalling. These are spread all over the city. See how they work HERE.

We also have electric scooters provided by BOLT. They collaborate with cities to make the streets less congested, the air cleaner, and the transportation more accessible to everyone. You can find a charged and ready-to-go scooter on every corner of the city. Learn more about how to start a ride with one HERE.

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We recommend using the environmentally friendly Elektritakso which uses only electric cars. Call +372 588 588 00 to order a taxi.

From Google Play and the Apple store, you can find also our local taxi app BOLT. BOLT taxi prices depend on demand. In the morning and in the evening prices are a little higher than during the day. More information HERE.

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It is approximately a 2.5 km walks from the city center along the beautiful street called Roosi (in English Rose).

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